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The Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge helps a local disabled girl.

In March 2016 the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge was approached by a family, living in the Chew Valley, with a request for help in the purchase of a specialised walker. Their youngest daughter Edie was born with a rare chromosome abnormality which resulted in her having open heart surgery. She also has learning difficulties, spinal and joint problems, reflux and was nonverbal. For her first 3 years Edie was solely tube fed and during this time suffered four seizures. She was unable to walk for some time but learnt to crawl and eventually pull stand. Despite all of the above Edie constantly exceeded the expectations of health professionals and was the happiest, joyful, determined little girl you could wish to meet.

The family felt that Edie would greatly benefit from the use of a Hart Walker. This is a telescopically adjustable, young person, walking device that encourage the most natural gait pattern possible. Unfortunately, this walker was not available through the NHS and would have to be funded privately. The Club unanimously agreed and the walker was purchased in April of 2016.
In September of 2020 the Club received the following from the family:

“The Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge very kindly helped us purchase a Hart Walker for our disabled daughter and we are sure that is what kept our daughter Edie going on the road of walking independence as the Hart Walker enabled her to get in the rhythm with confidence of putting 1 step in front of the other.
Edie is doing very well and is now a confident walker but due to her severe and worsening scoliosis she is starting to get tired more quickly and becomes uncomfortable so her walking stamina has weakened a little bit but her spinal surgeon has said her learning to walk will have had a profound positive effect on slowing the progression of her curvature down.
She remains the happiest, joyful and determined little girl she has always been.”

The Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge was pleased to have been given the opportunity to help Edie and we all wish her well, in the certainty that she will continue to amaze us all with her progress.